Banish Blemishes in Secret with Mighty Patch Invisible+



Do you ever get an unexpected pimple at the worst possible time? Maybe right before a big date or job interview? We’ve all been there! While you can’t always prevent acne flare ups, you CAN keep them undercover with the revolutionary Mighty Patch Invisible+ hydrocolloid patches.

Stealth Zit Zapping Technology

Mighty Patch Invisible+ is the most inconspicuous acne patch out there. The ultra-thin, tapered edges effortlessly blend into all skin tones. At just 0.3mm thick, these matte, clear patches are practically invisible! Even during up close conversations, no one will notice your secret blemish blaster.

The mess-free hydrocolloid stickers gently extract pore-clogging gunk overnight or throughout the day. Just stick it on clean skin and let it absorb sebum, bacteria, and other impurities from your zit. The medical-grade adhesive ensures the patch stays discretely in place for 6-8 hours.

Clear Away Current and Future Breakouts

While invisible Mighty Patches immediately flatten and concealed current pimples, they also prevent new ones from forming! Acne patches protect popped or picked blemishes from infection and further irritation. As your skin heals, hydrocolloid seals out bacteria, dirt, oil, and water to discourage more inflammation or breakouts. Wake up to calmer, clearer skin!

Over 39 counts of ultra-thin Invisible+ patches are included to tackle multiple zits at once or ongoing acne troubles. Treat one stubborn spot for several days in a row or cover a wider problem area.

Dermatologist Developed, Vegan-Friendly Skin Saver

Beauty brand Hero Cosmetic was founded by 2 Stanford-trained dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Using their medical expertise, they developed the smoothest, sheerest hydrocolloid patch to seamlessly conceal pimples. The vegan formula is free from irritants and safe for all skin types.

How to Use Mighty Patch Invisible+:

Step 1: Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly before applying the patch. Make sure blemish is free of creams, oils or makeup.

Step 2: Select a patch size that best covers the pimple without touching healthy skin.

Step 3: Remove clear adhesive liner and apply the patch directly over the zit. Press gently to secure edges.

Step 4: Wear the patch for at least 6 hours (or overnight) for best results. Remove gently and discard.

Step 5: Cleanse skin to remove any remaining adhesive residue. Follow with toner, serum, moisturizer as desired.

Customer Reviews

“These patches are amazing! I put one on a monster zit I had on my chin before a big date and it totally flattened it out and reduced the redness. You really can’t even see it on – genius idea for covering up spots seamlessly.” – Amanda L.

“Literally MAGIC! I was so stressed about this huge painful under the skin cyst that popped up right on my cheek the day before senior prom pictures. I wore a Mighty Patch Invisible+ all day and it sucked all the gunk out without anyone noticing. These patches are my secret weapon against surprise breakouts!” – Daniel T.

“I love that these patches are so light and comfortable that I can wear them under makeup. They really reduce inflammation and redness while I’m wearing concealer over it. I highly recommend for covering up acne prone skin without anyone knowing!” – Erica P.

Discover Clear, Confident Skin

Don’t let unexpected acne ruin your day! With Mighty Patch Invisible+, you can secretly combat blemishes on the spot. Order a pack today and stash them in your bag for zit-zapper emergencies anytime, anywhere. For the clearest, most confident skin of your life, Mighty Patch has got your back!


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