Acne Undercover: The Stealthy Solution for Clearer Skin Overnight



We all know the frustrations of waking up to discover a new blemish has popped up overnight. You do your best to keep your skin clear, but sometimes a surprise pimple pops up when you least expect it. That’s where the Mighty Patch Variety Pack comes in! This set of ingenious hydrocolloid patches helps improve the look of pimples overnight, without any popping required. Just stick it on before bed and wake up with clearer-looking skin. Like a ninja warrior for your skin!

This award-winning acne patch set includes 3 types of Mighty Patch for every type of pimple predicament:

Mighty Patch Original – The OG hero sticker that started it all, helping cystic under-the-skin lumps and whitehead zits diminish in just 6-8 hours. These invisible circles stick on strong and absorb gunk as you sleep.

Mighty Patch Invisible+ – The most stealthy dot for superficial spots, blending seamlessly on raised, red pimples. Goes on clear and keeps blemishes undercover.

Mighty Patch Surface – These oval suckers tackle surfaced pimples with exposed tips or popped pustules to help flatten and prevent further pushing, picking and prodding!

Clinically Tested Acne Stickers That Simply Work

Dermatologists and skincare lovers alike rave about the Mighty Patch because it just works. The hydrocolloid material and medical grade adhesive are clinically tested and proven to improve the appearance of pimples without aggravating your skin. The safe, drug-free stickers extract impurities from the pore and protect it from infection and further picking. Within 6-8 hours you’ll notice the pimple flattened, less red and well on its way to disappearing.

Invisible Under Makeup, Strong All Night Stick

No more layers of concealer trying in vain to hide that under-skin lump or popped pimple. Mighty Patch does the concealing for you with its transparent matte finish that seamlessly blends into your skin tone. The adhesive is designed to stick securely even through a whole night of tossing and turning, so you can sleep worry-free. Yet it peels off gently in the morning without any redness or irritation to reveal clearer looking skin. No one will know your secret blemish-fighting sticker is hard at work!

Peace-of-Mind Design for All Skin Types

You can feel confident using Mighty Patch on all skin types. The hydrocolloid sticker is allergy-tested, UV sterilized and certified vegan and cruelty-free. The formula is non-toxic, drug-free and safe for even sensitive skin. Each pack of 26 patches is perfect for covering multiple pimples as they pop up, with a combination of stickers for every type of breakout. Keep Mighty Patch handy so you’re prepared whenever a surprise zit appears!

Your New Nighttime Skincare Essential

Make Mighty Patch your new BFF when it comes to clear, confidence-boosting skin. Pop one on any blemish before bed and let these skinny stickers do their job while you sleep. Wake up with pimples less visible and on their way to gone. Mighty Patch absorbs gunk so you don’t have to, working with your skin’s natural healing process to flatten and reduce breakouts overnight. The results speak for themselves – you’ll be amazed when you peel off the sticker in the morning to reveal improved skin.

Say Bye-Bye to Blemishes While You Sleep!

Don’t let surprise pimples ruin your day when you have the Mighty Patch Variety Pack in your skincare lineup. With this trio of hydrocolloid patches, you can cover all types of zits in a skin-safe, inconspicuous way. The barely-there stickers blend seamlessly with all skin tones while working their magic to extract impurities. Pop one on before bed and wake up with a flatter, less irritated blemish. Reduce the visibility of breakouts overnight without picking or popping. You’ll wonder, where did that pimple go?!

Mighty Patch lets you sleep tight knowing your skin will look clearer in the morning. Say adios to spots and wake up confidence-ready to take on the day, thanks to these powerhouse pimple stickers. Don’t let zits ruin your day when you have the secret blemish-fighting power of Mighty Patch on your side.


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