Our Story

Credo Beauty was born out of a desire to provide cosmetics and skincare rooted in kindness – to people, animals and the planet. When our founder Jane set out to create her ideal beauty brand back in 2015, she was disheartened by much of the toxicity and secrecy still surrounding many personal care products. She knew there had to be a better way.

After much research gathering insights from ethical suppliers, chemists, environmental experts and customers alike, Jane decided there was a real need for total ingredient transparency, rigorous formulations free from harmful chemicals, sustainable and eco-friendly sourcing and packaging, and commitments never to test on animals. Most importantly, the products still needed to deliver the quality, enjoyment and transformative feel-good factor people expect from their beauty routines.

And so Credo Beauty was formed on these core principles that still guide us today – what we lovingly call our “Credo” (Latin for “I believe”). We believe beauty should be a force for good, not just for how it makes us look on the outside but how it enables inner confidence and self-expression while also extending care towards others.

Kindness to People

At Credo Beauty, caring for people underpins all we do. From how we nurture our own team to how we give back to communities to how we treat every precious customer.

Our company culture is one of support, understanding, learning and growth. We believe happy team members provide better service and products, so we invest in professional development, mental health care, and maintaining an inclusive environment where every employee can thrive.

Giving back matters to us too. We donate a portion of profits each year to a variety of social justice initiatives close to our hearts. Past partners have included youth advocacy programs, LGBTQ+ support centers, rehabilitation for victims of violence, and non-profits supplying basic needs for underserved groups. We also have an ongoing commitment to source ingredients from international cooperatives investing back into women’s health and education.

Of course our customers are at the heart of all we do. We cherish feedback and seek to address any issues promptly and compassionately. While we can’t always get everything right, we continuously fine-tune formulations and service based on real people’s diverse needs and suggestions. We also offer guidance on achieving your best skin health through caring regimens suited to your individual lifestyle and type.

Kindness to Animals

Credo Beauty has been proudly 100% cruelty free since day one. We do not test any formulas, ingredients or products on animals – nor will we ever. We also refuse to sell any brand that isn’t certified cruelty-free.

For us though, true compassion extends beyond testing to embrace ethical sourcing across our entire supply chain. We carefully screen all suppliers to ensure no exploitation, harming of ecosystems or unethical treatment occurs anywhere for any materials we use. We’re also committed to transitioning as many ingredients as possible to plant-based or synthetic alternatives that avoid animal-derivatives.

We further support like-minded animal welfare groups by contributing a portion of annual profits. Some we’ve worked with include wildlife rehabilitation centers, farm animal sanctuaries, programs promoting shelter pet adoptions, and non-profits campaigning to end cosmetics testing legislation globally. We’re proud to partner on such meaningful progress towards a world where all creatures are shown the respect and care they deserve.

Kindness to the Planet

Of course caring for the Earth’s wellbeing and resources for future generations is intricately interlinked with true compassion for all living beings.

We implement environmentally sustainable practices throughout our business – from green office initiatives minimizing waste, through to running on renewable energy where possible, all the way to ensuring our products use ethically-sourced, reusable and biodegradable materials.

On the ingredients front, we continuously evaluate our formulas to transition towards plant-derived, non-toxic and sustainably-harvested components in line with the latest research. We also partner with environmental non-profits pushing for tighter regulations on allowable chemicals plus testing and transparency standards for personal care products.

When it comes to packaging, we’ve set aggressive targets to reduce and offset what we use. We favor recyclable glass containers and post-consumer recycled materials wherever viable. We also invest annually in forest conservation projects to replenish ecosystems providing resources we depend on.

As a B-Corp certified company meeting strict standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency, we take our planetary commitments very seriously. We proudly share our progress and areas needing more work in our annual sustainability reports.

Our formulations

Our dedicated in-house team of cosmetic chemists, skin experts, makeup artists and perfumers pour their passion into crafting products that meet our exacting Credo standards:

The finest care

We meticulously select each ingredient for its ethical sourcing as well as maximum skin benefit and enjoyment. Our premium formulas only use necessary components proven to address particular skincare needs or safely enhance makeup’s beauty-boosting effects.

You’ll never find any cheap fillers, toxic contaminants or hidden nasties in our line. We list every single constituent down to trace elements on our labels because you deserve to know exactly what’s nurturing your skin and why.

Rigorously clean

We ban over 2700+ questionable chemicals frequently found in conventional skin care and cosmetics. We surpass regulations by drawing on research regarding long-term toxicity, environmental persistence, safe thresholds and impact on vulnerable groups like pregnant women.

We further certify all our products as non-GMO, gluten free and vegan containing no animal derived ingredients. We also minimize allergens, tailoring sensitive skin lines for even the most reactive types. With purity you can trust, you can feel completely confident in Credo.

Performance focused

Clean doesn’t have to mean less effective. Our products harness the beautifying and healing powers of botanical actives backed by science plus green chemistry breakthroughs.

We invest heavily in sourcing trailblazing ingredients together with refining gentle yet potent formulations. All our makeup achieves professional quality pigment delivery and long wear ability while nourishing skin. Our skincare feels sumptuous melting into pores and allows optimal absorption of active nutrition.

Every batch undergoes rigorous checks ensuring stability, safety and sensory satisfaction. But above all, the joy of a radiant looking and feeling you speaks for itself. Our growing community of fans says it best!

Join Our Community

We warmly welcome you to become part of the growing Credo Beauty community. Check us out online where you’ll find:

We also offer personalized assistance via virtual consultations, telephone and chat. Reach out anytime with questions, suggestions or feedback. We can’t wait to support your own unique beauty journey ahead!